Trade Assurance Forged Carbon Fiber For 2014-2019 F87 M2 iMP Performance Hood w/ Glass Hood Cover

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High Quality Fiber Glass by Vacuum Infusion
Light Weight
Perfect Fitment
Better Looking
Very easy to install, recommend install on body street shop


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Wenzhou Yachant Trading Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, specialized in production and export business. OEM orders are welcome. We provide car parts for customers from all over the world. 

We have connections with a lot of manufacturers in China. "To maintain quality of products and provide best customer services" is our principle. We know that good relationships with customers are the significant driving force of our company. 

We provide OEM and ODM service of fiberglass and carbon fiber products, ...

Wenzhou Yachant Trading Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2010, specialized in production and export business. OEM orders are welcome. We provide car parts for customers from all over the world. 

We have connections with a lot of manufacturers in China. "To maintain quality of products and provide best customer services" is our principle. We know that good relationships with customers are the significant driving force of our company. 

We provide OEM and ODM service of fiberglass and carbon fiber products,as well as our air conditioning systems. No matter how difficult the production is, we will always try our best to meet customers' needs. 

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Application performance and advantages of carbon fiber in automobile field


  • Lightweight advantages


Carbon fiber composites have specific strength and specific modulus unmatched by other materials, and the density is only about 1.6g/cm3, which is far lower than that of steel and aluminum. Its application in the design of body and other parts can reduce the mass of the whole vehicle by about 35% and reduce fuel consumption. For example, the total mass of XL1 model with carbon fiber composite body and parts newly launched by Volkswagen is only 795kg. Combined with hybrid technology, the fuel consumption per 100 km is only 0.9l.


  • Durability advantages


Carbon fiber composites are mainly composed of carbon fiber tow and resin materials. The chemical properties of carbon element are stable and there is no need for surface anti-corrosion treatment. They have excellent weather resistance and aging resistance, and their service life is generally 2-3 times that of steel. The fatigue strength of functional parts made of CFRP is also much higher than that of steel.


  • Security benefits


The tensile strength of carbon fiber composites is generally more than 3500MPa, which is five times that of ordinary steel. The cockpit made of carbon fiber materials has little deformation in collision, which can effectively protect the living space of drivers and passengers. The specially woven impact energy absorption structure breaks into small fragments in high-speed collision, absorbs a large amount of impact energy (energy absorption is more than 3 times that of ordinary steel), and can effectively improve the passive safety of vehicles.


Application status of carbon fiber in main parts of automobile


At present, carbon fiber composites have been widely used in high-end cars, super running, racing cars, modified cars, limited edition models and a small number of electric vehicles.


At present, the application of carbon fiber composites in automobile parts is mainly distributed in automobile body, interior and exterior decoration, chassis system, power system and so on.


  • Application of carbon fiber in automobile body


Carbon fiber reinforced polymer matrix composites have sufficient strength and stiffness. They are the lightest materials for manufacturing automobile bodies. It is estimated that the application of carbon fiber composites can reduce the mass of automobile body by 40% - 60%, which is equivalent to 1 / 3-1 / 6 of the mass of steel structure. The British material systems laboratory has studied the weight reduction effect of carbon fiber composites. The results show that the weight of carbon fiber reinforced polymer body is 172 kg, while the weight of steel body is 368 kg, reducing about 50%. At present, most racing cars and some modified cars use carbon fiber composite body. While reducing the weight, the generation of debris is reduced due to the collision of composite materials, so as to improve the safety.


  • Application of carbon fiber in automobile hub


As one of the important parts to ensure the driving safety of the vehicle, the hub should not only bear the weight and load of the vehicle, but also transmit the drive and torque. This requires very high quality of automobile wheels. Automobile hub should have high strength and impact resistance, good heat resistance and thermal conductivity, as well as good durability and safety. Carbon fiber composite has excellent mechanical properties, heat resistance and durability. It can replace metal as hub material. At the same time, the use of carbon fiber materials reduces the quality of the wheel hub, helps to reduce the moment of inertia of the wheel, and enables the vehicle to have faster start, stop and steering speeds.


  • Application of carbon fiber in braking system


The automobile brake lining is mainly made of asbestos material, which is easy to generate high temperature due to friction during braking, resulting in thermal decline of performance, and the asbestos dust produced is carcinogenic. Carbon fiber composite has high specific strength, good wear resistance and good heat resistance. It can be used as a substitute for asbestos in automobile brake pads. The carbon fiber brake disc can reduce the speed from 300km / h to 50km / h within 50m. Carbon fiber brake disc can withstand 2500 ℃ high temperature and has stable performance.


  • Application of carbon fiber in interior and exterior decoration


Carbon fiber composites have good strength, toughness, heat resistance and aging resistance, which can improve the shortcomings of high brittleness and poor durability of traditional plastic products. They are used as automotive interior materials. Carbon fiber composite also has high strength, rigidity and good impact resistance. It can be used as a substitute for metal materials in automobile exterior decoration components. At the same time, carbon fiber composites have good vibration absorption effect, have a large buffer effect on impact, reduce the generation of impact debris and improve safety. In addition, the use of carbon fiber interior and exterior decoration materials not only achieves the effect of automobile lightweight, but also simplifies the part manufacturing process, reduces the cost of part processing, assembly and maintenance, and reduces the production cost.


  • Application of carbon fiber in transmission shaft


The stress of automobile transmission shaft is complex, especially to bear a large torque, and has high requirements for material properties. Carbon fiber reinforced composites have the characteristics of anisotropy, high specific strength and relatively low specific modulus. Replacing metal materials as transmission shafts can better meet the application requirements. The carbon fiber drive shaft can not only reduce the weight by 60%, but also has better fatigue resistance and durability.


  • Application of carbon fiber in intake system


As the material of automobile intake system, carbon fiber composite can reduce the weight and achieve the effect of lightweight on the one hand; On the other hand, carbon fiber materials are easy to be processed into various curved shapes, and the surface is relatively smooth, which can effectively improve the intake efficiency.

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