Dry Carbon Fiber 2016-2021 McLaren 540C 570S 600LT 600LT-Style Hood Bonnet For 540C 570S 600LT

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 YCML600LT017LDCF 2016-2021 McLaren 540C 570S 600LT 600LT-Style Rear Engine Hood Bonnet DCF (102).jpgYCML600LT017LDCF 2016-2021 McLaren 540C 570S 600LT 600LT-Style Rear Engine Hood Bonnet DCF (103).jpgYCML600LT017LDCF 2016-2021 McLaren 540C 570S 600LT 600LT-Style Rear Engine Hood Bonnet DCF (104).jpgYCML600LT017LDCF 2016-2021 McLaren 540C 570S 600LT 600LT-Style Rear Engine Hood Bonnet DCF (2).jpgYCML600LT017LDCF 2016-2021 McLaren 540C 570S 600LT 600LT-Style Rear Engine Hood Bonnet DCF (1).jpg


High Quality Dry Carbon Material 
Light Weight
Perfect Fitment
Better Looking
Very easy to install, recommend install on body street shop



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In terms of appearance, the overall design of the McLaren 540C is highly consistent with that of the 570S, and its headlights, which have the same design as the McLaren brand logo, have a high degree of recognition. In addition, the new car will also have many aerodynamic packages, and the huge front/rear air guides can effectively increase downforce, giving the vehicle better handling during high-speed cornering.

In terms of interior design, the interior design of the car is very simple, with a symmetrical design adopted for the console, and the layout of the button function area is also very different from the 675LT released at the same time. In addition, the new car's full LCD instrument panel can display a large number of current vehicle status, which is both powerful and practical.

In terms of power, the 540C Coup é's power is output through a 7-speed seamless transmission (SSG) through the rear wheels. Thanks to its lightweight body, the 0-100 km/h acceleration is only 3.5 seconds, the 0-200 km/h acceleration is 10.5 seconds, and the maximum speed can reach 320 km/h. The new car will continue to carry forward the McLaren tradition, featuring a carbon fiber monocoque body and a mid mounted V8 engine. The maximum power output of this 3.8T V8 twin turbine engine will be between 335kW and 373kW.

The manufacturing methods and prices of dry carbon fiber and wet carbon fiber are different. Dry carbon fiber is more expensive, with more complex manufacturing processes and higher manufacturing costs.

The comparison between the two is as follows:

1. Carbon fiber:

(1) Carbon fiber is a material commonly used in high-performance sports cars and racing cars, and it is generally not found in most civilian vehicles. Carbon fiber is lightweight and has high strength, which is naturally popular among many supercar manufacturers.

(2) There are many supercars that are mostly made of carbon fiber.

(3) Many car enthusiasts will modify their cars with carbon fiber engine covers, which have high strength and can reduce the weight of the front end.

2. Dry carbon fiber:

(1) Dry carbon fiber has less residual resin during manufacturing, resulting in higher strength components made from such broken fibers. The content of tree wax in wet broken fibers is higher, and the cost of making such carbon fibers is relatively low.

(2) There are many counterfeit carbon fiber components on the market, which are only covered with a layer of imitation carbon fiber stickers.

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