Dry Carbon Fiber 2012 to 2015 F12 Berlinetta DM Style Rear Diffuser For F12 Berlinetta

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High Quality Dry Carbon Material 
Light Weight
Perfect Fitment
Better Looking
Very easy to install, recommend install on body street shop



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Introduction to Features

Paired with multiple other Ferrari high-tech technologies, this new car not only inherits the indestructible racing spirit of the Ferrari family, but also has strong and agile strength, making it the most perfect V12 power car since Ferrari was founded.

Fleet data

This new Ferrari 12 cylinder sports car only takes 3.1 seconds to accelerate from stationary to 100km/h, while it only takes 8.5 seconds from 0-200km/h. It takes 21 seconds for 0-300km/h. The F12berlinetta achieved the best performance among all Ferrari's road version sports cars on the Fiorano track, with a lap time of only 1 minute and 23 seconds. Sensitive steering, smaller steering wheel angle, and superior cornering performance ensure the highest performance standards and optimal driving experience of the vehicle, while significantly reducing braking distance.

Body structure

Scaglietti, who specializes in aluminum and structure, designed a new frame, chassis, and body shell for the F12berlinetta, using 12 different alloys (some of which are still in use for the first time in the automotive industry), and using various assembly and connection technologies to increase structural stiffness by 20% and reduce the weight to 1630kg (70 kg lighter than the previous V12 sports car), The weight distribution between the front and rear axles is more ideal (54% of the vehicle weight is distributed on the rear axle).

Environmental friendliness

Thanks to Ferrari's comprehensive research and development on the efficiency of the entire vehicle (engine, aerodynamics, tires, and vehicle weight), the F12berlinetta has become a leader in the top tier sports cars in terms of fuel economy, reducing fuel consumption by 30% and emitting only 350g/km of carbon dioxide.

Based on the design process, multiple computer-aided fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations, and long-term wind tunnel measurements, the vehicle has achieved its ultimate application in aerodynamics. The downward pressure increased by 76% (reaching 123kg at 200km/h), while the resistance significantly decreased (with a resistance coefficient of only 0.299). The achievement of these results is attributed to two new solutions. One is the air bridge, which uses the engine hood to transport air from the upper half of the car to the side wings of the vehicle. The air intersects with the wake of the wheel well on the side wings, reducing drag and generating downforce. The second is the active brake cooling device, which only opens the guide vanes of the brake cooling pipeline at high operating temperatures, which can also reduce resistance.

Ferrari's latest generation carbon ceramic brake system (CCM3) and innovative magnetorheological suspension control system (SCM-E) add to the performance of the F12berlinetta. At the same time, the central control system's E-Diff, ESC, F1 Trac, and high-performance ABS have all been fully integrated, making this technology a standard feature for all Ferrari models.

Body styling

The design of the F12berlinetta is jointly created by the Ferrari Styling Center and the Pininfarina. The unparalleled aerodynamic characteristics and harmonious and elegant body proportions are perfectly blended on the F12berlinetta, showcasing the unique temperament of the Ferrari V12 front engine model. This two door sports car has smooth and wild lines, and with its compact exterior size, the interior space is exceptionally spacious and comfortable. The new Frau leather interior complements advanced technology and exquisite craftsmanship details. The shiny dashboard with a tilted design features brand new carbon fiber aluminum air holes in the center, inspired by the aviation industry design.

Spatial representation

After optimizing the cabin design, the interior space of the F12berlinetta has been maximized, and there is a larger capacity luggage compartment behind the seat. Passengers can easily arrange this luggage space through the unique design on the tailgate. Like all Ferrari sports cars, the human-machine control interface is the protagonist of the cockpit. This interface focuses the main control devices within the driver's reach, achieving a perfect driving experience of integrating human and vehicle through perfect ergonomic design.

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