Carbon Fiber 2008 to 2016 Nissan R35 GTR CBA DBA Overtake Style Hood Bonnet For R35 GTR

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 YCR35252LCF 2008-2016 Nissan R35 GTR CBA DBA Overtake Style Hood Bonnet CF (100).jpgYCR35252LCF 2008-2016 Nissan R35 GTR CBA DBA Overtake Style Hood Bonnet CF (101).jpgYCR35252LCF 2008-2016 Nissan R35 GTR CBA DBA Overtake Style Hood Bonnet CF (1).jpg

High Quality Carbon Material 
Light Weight
Perfect Fitment
Better Looking
Very easy to install, recommend install on body street shop



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What are the advantages of carbon fiber materials?

1. Carbon fiber materials have low specific gravity, high specific strength and specific modulus;

2. Under non oxidizing environments, it is resistant to ultra-high temperatures, has good fatigue resistance, and has a specific heat and conductivity between non-metals and metals;

3. There is no creep due to changes in temperature difference or long-term operation, with a small tensile coefficient (1.6%), a small thermal expansion coefficient, and anisotropy;

4. Good X-ray transmission, good conductivity and thermal conductivity, and good electromagnetic shielding.

5. Strong designability, the mechanical properties of carbon fiber products can be changed by changing the angle or number of layers;

6. Compared to glass fiber, carbon fiber has a Young's modulus more than three times that; Compared with Kevlar fibers, its Young's modulus is about twice that of Kevlar fibers;

7. Good corrosion resistance, insoluble in organic solvents, acids, and alkalis, outstanding corrosion resistance.

What are the drawbacks of carbon fiber materials?

1. Carbon fiber products belong to customized products with high directionality, and due to the high raw materials and production costs of carbon fiber, it is relatively difficult to achieve mass production of carbon fiber products, and there is no price advantage;

2. Although carbon fiber composite materials have high tensile strength, their shear strength is weak, requiring complex stress calculations during processing;

3. Carbon fiber is a brittle material that will not deform under excessive force, but will directly fracture, so carbon fiber products cannot be repaired after damage and can only be replaced;

4. Currently, thermosetting carbon fiber composite materials are widely used, which are difficult to recycle and have poor reuse rates.

What are the application areas of carbon fiber?

1. Carbon fiber is not only used as insulation material in traditional use. It is often added as a reinforcing material to materials such as resins, metals, ceramics, and concrete to form composite materials. Carbon fiber has become the most important reinforcement material for advanced composite materials.

2. Civil construction field: Carbon fiber is also applied in the reinforcement and reinforcement of industrial and civil buildings, railway and highway bridges, tunnels, chimneys, tower structures, etc. In railway buildings, large top systems and sound insulation walls will have good applications in the future, and these will also be promising applications of carbon fiber.

3. Carbon fiber is an essential strategic basic material for cutting-edge weapons and equipment such as rockets, satellites, missiles, fighter jets, and ships. Applying carbon fiber composite materials to the body and engine casing of strategic missiles can greatly reduce weight, improve missile range and assault capability. For example, the third stage casing of intercontinental missiles developed by the United States in the 1980s all uses carbon fiber and epoxy resin composite materials.

4. A large number of car interior and exterior decorations have been adopted. As an automotive material, carbon fiber has the greatest advantages of light weight and high strength. Its weight is only 20% to 30% of that of steel, but its hardness is more than 10 times that of steel.

5. Carbon fiber is used in the field of sports and leisure, and sports products such as golf clubs, fishing rods, tennis rackets, badminton rackets, bicycles, ski poles, snowboards, windsurfing masts, navigation hulls, etc. are all one of the main users of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is used in daily necessities, such as home appliances such as speakers, bathtubs, heaters, and electronic products such as mobile phones and laptops.

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